Our Purpose

Here in our community, we are passionate about leading individuals to ultimately live a healthy lifestyle by following a fitness program all while improving their mindset. Our products range from recommended supplements, training guides and in-person sessions to have a more in depth training for the individual. Our core value is that we believe every human deserves fundamental training on how they should care for their mind and body. It’s difficult to receive that help if you don’t have enough resources. It should be easy to seek help or an outlet to become a better person. We hope that through our programs, individuals can work to become better humans at home or outside in the real world.



Meet your coach,

Daisy Fernandez Certified Personal Trainer | Specialist in Exercise Therapy 

Mental health advocate, pizza-lover, fitness junky (yeah we know, right after pizza), Sagittarius, and all-around go-getter- Daisy graduated high school with a culinary, education & hospitality pathway- driving her to finish receive certification Personal Training, Nutrition & Business Administration, finally completing her specialty in Exercise Therapy; combining the mind & body into her training. 

With her years of experience doing many things like working in restaurants to managing fitness studios, she always strives for progress, rather than perfection, in all projects or obstacles she faces. Thus inspiring those that are around her!  



What is your purpose being a coach?

      "Sports and being athletic was always in my genes, every since I was a kid. I loved being outside, getting sweaty and full of dirt. I played softball up until I started working at gyms at the age of 16. The first gym I ever worked at was just an escape I needed in my life not only to get away from, but also help me reflect on my problems. I faced my own mental health obstacles and knew that I could create a therapeutic, mind+body challenge, that will eventually help others. I continue to strive for progress in others that have gone through obstacles and always remind everyone that implementing physical activity to get the brain and body moving, will forever lead to a healthy overall life" 

Keep up with me on Instagram: @daisyfrdz